The term "Sidebar" refers to ad-like objects that often appear in the side columns of the site. Once you've created a sidebar item, you can relate it to multiple pages via the Pages section of P&C.

Creating a Sidebar Item

  1. Click the Sidebars tab in P&C
  2. Click Add a New Sidebar
  3. Select a Sidebar Type
  4. Enter a title for the item
  5. Check the box to continue to page details, or leave it unchecked to simply add the item
  6. Click Add Page

Organizing Sidebar Items

Drag-and-Drop: By dragging and dropping one sidebar onto another existing one, a folder will be created where additional items can be created and stored.

Filtering: The dropdown menu can be used for ordering and filtering purposes.

Editing Sidebar Item Details

  1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the items title.
  2. Complete the available fields (if applicable). These fields are based on the sidebar type chosen when the item was created.
  3. Narrative Content
    • If copying from a plain text file, delete paragraph spaces an re-enter them to create a new line break
    • Review the Style Guide and style text accordingly
  4. Click Save Changes to save the details